Squad Practice

  • Private Practices

    Tumbling, Stunting, Jumps, and more!

  • Take the floor

    This means your team has the facility all to itself. NO sharing floors, and NO loud music battles.

  • Certified Coaches

    AACCA & NFHS Certified Coaches to make for the best quality practice for your team

Schedule a Practice TIme

Prices are per month

  • Price once a week

    1 hour squad practice per athlete $45 2 hour squad practice per athlete $60

  • Price twice a week

    2 hour squad practice per athlete $80

Register for a practice time

Squad Practice

Private practice floors designed just for you. No more sharing floors or loud music battles!

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Team Camps

KCC offers custom camps to cater to your team needs!

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Individual Clinics

Sign up for a one-on-one individual clinic, and we’ll focus on the things you really need.

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